Product Highlight: Pipe Ramps & Seals

Pipes, cables, hoses, and electrical conduits play a vital role in many settings — from providing power at a temporary construction site to ensuring that a manufacturing facility has access to all necessary fluids. When these features are exposed to the elements, however, they are at significant risk of damage. Pipe ramps and seals go a long way in protecting these essential components.


What Do Pipe Seals and Ramps Do?

Pipe ramps and seals are rubber extrusions specifically designed to protect pipes, cables, and more from environmental and man-made hazards that could cause punctures or other damage. Uncured rubber compound is forced through a die to achieve the desired shape and then cured in a high-temperature salt bath to achieve extreme durability and weather resistance. This enables them to protect pipes made of a wide range of materials, including PVC, precast concrete, and steel.


Common Applications

Pipe seals and ramps offer several valuable use cases. During construction, pipe seals protect pipes from accidental damage from construction equipment, preventing leaks and accidents that would throw off the construction timeline. In industrial facilities, pipe seals and ramps provide a durable buffer between stationary pipes and moving objects, protecting them from damage and excess pressure. Pipe seals also protect underground infrastructure by accounting for weight and weather resistance. They can even be used to protect underwater ocean piping, as used in the oil and gas industry.


If you need pipe seals and ramps for your facility, contact Elbex today. Our team’s vast experience in creating both custom and standard rubber extrusions ensures that you’ll get the right materials and design specifications for your unique application. With a quality pipe seal or ramp, you can have confidence that your pipes and cables will be protected from potential hazards.