Industry Spotlight: The Everlasting Construction Industry

It seems like no matter what else is going on in the world, there is always the need for construction. From residential neighborhoods to big box stores, there are countless projects underway in practically every community across the nation. And each of these projects can benefit from the use of rubber extrusions.


What Do Rubber Extrusions Do?

Rubber extrusions fill a wide range of purposes in construction. This includes creating environmental barriers to keep out air and water, filling voids between surfaces to prevent unwanted movement, or simply to ensure a proper fit for other construction components. The right materials and design specifications are crucial for the lasting quality of the rubber extrusion — and even the structural integrity of the construction project.


Examples of Rubber Extrusions in Construction

There are several different types of rubber extrusions used in the construction industry. Expansion joints (also known as movement joints) help reduce stress on buildings from naturally occurring expansion and contraction. These extrusions can greatly improve structural integrity. Weatherstripping, glazing, and door and window seals also play an important role in protecting a building’s interior from environmental hazards. Pipe ramps and seals are used to protect pipes, hoses, and more from damage. And these are just a few potential applications!


If you need custom or standard rubber extrusions for your next construction project, Elbex can help. Our team’s knowledge and experience ensures that you’ll get the right materials and specifications for your application needs, helping to deliver lasting quality for your project.