Extruded Rubber Glazing Systems in the Architectural Industry

Extruded Rubber Glazing Systems in the Architectural Industry

High-quality rubber extrusions can have a major impact in many industries, including the architectural industry. At Elbex, we produce extruded rubber glazing systems that will fill essential architectural functions and help ensure lasting structural integrity. Here’s what you should know.

Key Rubber Extrusion Applications in Architecture

In the architectural industry, rubber extrusions are primarily used to provide environmental barriers and reduce vibration. This includes air and water barriers around doors and windows, as well as profiles for glazing systems that help seal facades and penetration systems. In addition, setting blocks may be used to provide additional support to other areas of the structure.

Achieving Lasting Results

Rubber extrusions must meet all applicable building codes and other regulatory standards to ensure safe, long-lasting support. Much of this depends on choosing the right materials for an architectural project based on environmental factors like exposure to extreme temperature, chemical or water exposure, and so on. The right materials are key to ensuring that a rubber extrusion will meet performance requirements.

When you work with Elbex, you can have confidence that your extruded rubber glazing systems are produced in a way that will allow them to stand the test of time. With vast experience in both custom and standard manufacturing and a variety of materials to adapt to different environmental conditions, our rubber extrusions will get the job done. Contact us today to learn more.