U-Channels and How They Are Applied for Use

U-channels are rubber extrusions with U-shaped profiles. This allows them to fit inside a channel, where they can serve as an edge guard. With the ability to be manufactured from a variety of materials and in different profile types, U-channels can be quite versatile.


Basic U-Channel Applications

The primary purpose of a U-channel is to create a secure fit that helps keep two separate surfaces firmly in place. U-channels eliminate vibrations and movement, preventing undue wear and possible damage to surrounding components. The right materials for the U-channel will be dependent upon the application’s performance requirements and operating conditions (such as exposure to extreme temperatures or corrosive liquids).


Top Industries For U-Channels

Among the top industries for U-channels are mass transit and construction. For example, in the mass transit industry, U-channels can provide edge protection and sealing for doors and windows, helping to create a weather and waterproof barrier, while also minimizing the risk of damage to these components. U-channels often fill a similar role in construction, where they are frequently used for weatherstripping, glazing, door and window seals, edge trim, and so on.  The ability to withstand ongoing environmental exposure is key to protecting building interiors from dust, water, and other hazards.


Whether you need U-channels or another type of rubber extrusion for your application, you can count on Elbex to produce high-quality components that will stand the test of time. Our skilled engineers will work with you to design extrusions that meet your specific requirements, based on usage type, exposure to hazards, and so on. To learn more or to submit a requisition form, contact us today.