Getting Back To The Basics: Rubber Extrusion

Rubber extrusions

The creation of a rubber extrusion forces uncured rubber compounds through a die and into a desired shape. By utilizing the extrusion process, we are able to produce countless shapes and to form products to a desired project specification. 

Extruding Rubber Compounds

Once the rubber compounds are extruded, they are immediately cured. At ELBEX, we use a continuous salt bath cure lines which send the extrusions through the line at 400 degrees Fahrenheit. The extrusion emerges from the salt bath fully cured and the various compounds cross-linked. 

Our Process

The process of rubber extrusion, especially when coupled with the salt bath cure system, lends itself towards high volume production runs. A higher volume of material can be produced in a shorter time when compared to other methods.  

Extrusion Tool and Design Dies

Along with the rubber extrusion process, we can also produce extrusion tool and design dies. An extrusion die is a blank piece of steel precisely cut to your project specifications. This die is cut to the cross-sectional profile of your part and then used to force material compounds through during extrusion. 

Rubber extrusions have several applications in a variety of markets. If you are searching for quality rubber extrusions, complete our online RFQ form or contact us today.