Industrial & Manufacturing Markets

Elbex products

Industrial and Manufacturing Markets

Extrusion profiles in these markets have a wide range of uses such as creating a seal, filling voids, holding systems in place, and can even absorb movement. 

Expansion Joints are a Common Profile Used in These Markets

These can be customized in several shapes. They are typically used to create a transition between two different surfaces. Expansion joints are used to absorb movement and any time there is a concern of structural damage due to the expansion or contraction of those surfaces. 

Glazing System Profiles are Another Profile Used in These Sectors

These profiles help seat and seal architectural facades and fenestration systems. They help create an environmental barrier, fill voids between two surfaces, and ensure a proper fit. 

If you are searching for a profile that can track into a channel to fill a void or create a seal, ELBEX can manufacture customized bulb seals. These profiles can be made to fit virtually any type of channel. Other common profiles include D-Sections, ribbed profiles, setting blocks, bumper profiles, and sili-cone sheeting. 

We can help create a customized profile for any use in the industrial and manufacturing markets. Send us an online RFQ to get started.