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Elbex products

Depending on specific needs for your extrusions, you may need a different elastomer than other customers. The ELBEX Corporation uses a variety of elastomers in order to develop a customized solution for each of our clients. 

The Material Selection Process Involves Asking the Right Questions

Questions we will ask will concern the application and environments the specific extrusion will be exposed to during use. The hardness of an extrusion is also another consideration. Determining the hardness of a rubber compound is measured by a Shore A durometer. 

Why are Materials so Important?

This is an important factor for your project as harder compounds generally offer greater resistance, whereas softer compounds provide more flexibility and seal better on hard surfaces. 
We can manufacture extrusions that use silicone rubber, EPDM, Polyisoprene, Neoprene, Nitrile, Butyl, SBR, and natural rubber. Each elastomer has varying properties from the others and are suited for specific uses. 

Identifying the Right Elastomer for You

We will ask you a series of questions for your project to help identify what elastomer is right for you. Questions involve the target cost, strength requirements, temperature, and exposure to chemicals. We also need to know whether your extrusion will be used indoors or outside. 

When you select ELBEX you can trust that our team will help identify the proper elastomer, based on the factors involved for your project. Contact us today to begin customizing the right rubber extru-sions for you.