High Volume Rubber Extrusions

Elbex - Natural Rubber Products

Rubber extrusions are a versatile method used to solve a variety of problems in several different industries. At ELBEX, we are dedicated to quality and innovative products to help our customers achieve their goals. 

High Volume Runs

Rubber extruded products are made through a complex process, where uncured rubber compounds are forced through a die and into a desired shape. Once the material is extruded, it’s then cured via a continuous salt bath cure line. This process lends itself well to high volume lineal foot extrusion runs. With the salt bath cure system we use at ELBEX, we are not restricted to limited product lengths, like one may find with the autoclave curing system.

The extrusion process allows for a higher volume of material to therefore be processed in a shorter time. 

Performance Customized

At ELBEX, we focus on custom design manufacturing of rubber extrusions. Our minimum order requirements vary based on profile size and materials and are based on at least a full batch of material. We strive for quality extrusions that are designed to each customer’s needs and project requirements. With our rubber extrusion process, we can manufacture cost-efficient extruded rubber products to suit each unique customer. 

Contact ELBEX today if you are searching for quality-made rubber extruded products and would like to hear more about our die design services.