Learn More About Tubing Profiles

ELBEX has designed and manufactured custom rubber extrusions for years and served countless mar-kets. We can make a variety of profiles depending on your project requirements.

One of our popular profiles is the tubing profile extrusions, which can be applied in several market sectors and take on multiple uses. 

The tubing profile looks just like it sounds — it is shaped like a tube. This profile is commonly used as a protective sleeve, gasket, or in a drainage capacity throughout several different industries.

Due to our extensive manufacturing capabilities, we are able to make tubing profiles in a variety of thickness, sizes, and materials (depending on the environment). 

Tubing profiles are common in the water control industry, mass transit, and industri-al/manufacturing. For example, tubing profiles in rubber extrusions can aid moving water to desired locations or can help run electrical wires. 

Depending on the environment or chemicals used in your operation, tubing profiles can provide a protective cover or barrier. They can also be used as a gasket in certain appliances. 

For more information on how a tubing profile may be able to assist your next project, contact us or complete an online RFQ. We look forward to creating an extrusion solution for your problem!