Mass Transit & Manufacturing Markets

Mass Transit

There are many purposes for rubber extrusions and rubber products in mass transit. Subways, buses, trains, and automobiles all require closed seals for climate control and to keep passengers dry. Extrusions can also help with reducing vibration and securing components inside mass transit vehicles. 

Due to those requirements of mass transit rubber gaskets, bumper profiles, D-sections, and tubing profiles are just a few of the extrusion profiles that the mass transit industry requires. 


Manufacturing and industrial needs vary from mass transit. Commonly extrusions used in this sector need to be able to absorb movement between two surfaces, are used when structural damage is a concern, and to seat and seal fenestration systems and facades. 

Glazing system profiles, expansion joints, pipe ramps, and silicone sheeting are a few of the rubber and silicone products used in this field. Similar to mass transit, manufacturing needs do require rubber gaskets for various applications. 

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