3 Uses of U-Channeling Profiles

What is a U-Channel Used For?

The purpose of U-Channel profiles is to fit within a channel and serve as an edge guard or bumper. U-Channels usually fit with a mating piece. These types of extrusions take on many different forms and derivations, based on the project requirements. 

The main reason U-Channels are used in a variety of industries is to secure a fit, eliminate vibration, and to eliminate movement. 

U-Channel Customization

We do not carry U-Channel extrusions in our inventory since each profile is made based on a client’s specific needs. 

These profiles can be made using a variety of materials too, depending on the environmental concerns or applications. Pictures of a few of the U-Channel profiles we have made in the past are on our website. 

U-Channel extrusions are just one example of our ability to customize extruded products for the manufacturing, automotive, construction sector, and many other fields. 

If your next project requires a U-Channel profile contact us today! We can even work with your development team to determine how a U-Channel extrusion may help you!