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With high resistance to gasoline and other fuels, mineral and vegetable oils, solvents, and hydraulic fluids, nitrile is an extremely valuable and versatile copolymer. If your application requires moderate oil or grease resistance, nitrile could be the perfect fit. Here’s what you should know about this extrusion material.

Durable Properties

Because of its ability to function well in a wide temperature range and its strong resistance to petroleum products, nitrile is actually the most commonly used elastomer in sealing applications. Nitrile also offers superior abrasion and tear resistance, ensuring lasting durability.

Frequent Applications

Thanks to the unique qualities of nitrile, this copolymer is used quite often in the automotive industry and a variety of industrial settings. O-rings, seals, and oil and gas handling hoses are just a few of the applications that typically utilize nitrile.

Strengths and Weaknesses

While nitrile has a lot of great qualities, it does have some weaknesses (just like any other polymer). Nitrile has inferior low temperature resistance to natural rubber, as well as poor ozone resistance — though special additives and compounding can address both of these problems. Nitrile is also not suited for applications requiring ketone resistance, or resistance to chlorinated or nitro hydrocarbons. 

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