The Importance of Expansion Joints

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As winter weather settles in, plummeting temperatures can put significant stress on rigid construction elements like bridges and roadways. During this time of year, expansion joints are more important than ever in preventing damage and extending the life of these structures.

More Than Bridges

Expansion joints serve as a type of “transition” between two solid surfaces. They absorb any movement that occurs between the two surfaces during the expansion and contraction that take place as temperatures change. This minimizes the risk of damage to either surface. Because of this, expansion joints are used in a wide variety of construction applications, as well as in the industrial/manufacturing sector.

Absorbs Vibrations

Expansion joints don’t just respond to changes in temperature. These extrusions can also absorb movement and vibration that occur during regular use, such as cars driving across a bridge. Any time there is a risk for structural damage from expansion, vibration, or other movements, expansion joints should be used.

Custom Designs For Unique Challenges

As with other rubber extrusions, expansion joints can take on a wide range of shapes and sizes to better meet the needs of the specific application. In fact, these extrusions are generally custom designed to provide appropriate spacing between the two surfaces.

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