Industry Feature: Mass Transit

Elbex - Custom Rubber Extrusions

Extrusions and other rubber products fulfill a wide range of uses across many industries — including mass transit. Subways, trains, buses, and automobiles all require closed seals and extrusions to provide safe and reliable transportation for passengers.

Unique Requirements

Mass transit vehicles have unique performance requirements. Closed seals are necessary to maintain climate control and keep passengers dry. Rubber extrusions secure internal components and reduce vibrations to prevent excess wear and tear of important parts. As a result, these components are used throughout every variety of mass transit vehicle.

Product Durability

Mass transit vehicles receive heavy use, day in and day out. Because of this high-strain environment, all of our mass transit items undergo rigorous testing. Durability and maintenance considerations are factored into every rubber product engineered for use in this industry. Your passengers are depending on you to reach their destination, and even the smallest part can make the difference in helping them get there without any complications.

Specific Applications

The mass transit industry depends on everything from rubber gaskets and tubing profiles to D-sections and bumper profiles to better serve their customers. Expansion joints, glazing system profiles, silicone sheeting, and pipe ramps are all used to ensure passenger safety and comfort.

If you need seals or extrusions for a mass transit application, contact the experienced engineering team at ELBEX today. Our team’s expertise and industry knowledge will help you develop rubber products that allow you to better serve the needs of your passengers.