Is Silicone Right For You?

One of the most in-demand elastomers on the market today is silicone. This is largely thanks to its durability, UV and ozone resistance, as well as its ability to withstand a wide range of temperatures during use. Packing benefits like these, silicone continues to expand across industries, and if you haven’t already, you should seriously consider silicone for your specific application.

Top Benefits of Silicone

Temperature Resistance

One of the most widely known benefits of silicone is its temperature resistance to extreme heat and cold. Silicone can withstand a greater temperature range than almost any other elastomer and boasts an average temperature tolerance range of -76°F to a staggering +450°F!

Resistance to UV Light & Moisture

Silicone is ideal for outdoor applications and is frequently used where sun and moisture exposure are common. This is because silicone possesses a natural resistance to UV rays as well as high moisture applications. Silicone is waterproof, making it popular for high fully or semi-submerged application environments. It is also able to withstand prolonged exposure to sunlight without drying and cracking which ultimately leads to failure. These qualities make it the popular choice for applications like window and door seals.

Extended Service Life

With a shelf life of twenty years, and durability that is hard to beat, silicone is one polymer that will help to ensure the longevity of your manufactured products. Silicone is one of the best choices for its durability across a wide range of applications.


Silicone is naturally non-toxic and odorless. This coupled with silicone’s resistance to extreme heat and cold allows silicone to be used in food-grade applications such as ovens, freezers, and refrigeration units.

Applications for Silicone

These benefits have made silicone a staple in the manufacturing and application process of everything from window seals and door jams, to sub-zero freezers and high-temp cooking ovens. Silicone is ideal for O-rings, gaskets, and seals in outdoor and high moisture environments. Still not certain whether silicone is a good fit for your application? Contact the expert team at ELBEX today! We can walk through your project needs and help you find a solution that will meet your unique requirements.