Product Feature: Glazing Systems, Pipe Ramps & Seals

Elbex - Glazing Options

The extrusion configurations we offer at ELBEX include glazing systems, pipe ramps, and seals. With various designs and materials available, each configuration can provide different qualities to meet the needs of a vast range of projects.

Glazing Systems

Glazing systems are primarily used in architectural applications to seat and seal facades and fenestration systems. Glazing systems create an environmental barrier, fill voids between two surfaces, and help materials achieve a proper fit to ensure lasting structural integrity. These extrusions can range from simple rectangular setting blocks to complex multipurpose gaskets.

Pipe Ramps & Seals

Pipe ramps and seals are primarily used to protect exposed pipes from heavy machinery during the construction process. Pipe seals can also be used in new and pre-existing pipe systems to minimize leaks.

Custom Modifications

At ELBEX, extrusions are customized based on their intended use. For example, our ramps and pipe seals can be adapted to work with different pipe materials, such as PVC or precast concrete. No matter what type of extrusion configuration you have in mind, our team will create design profiles to fit your unique project specifications.

With our team’s ability to manufacture designs and materials based on your project needs, you can expect excellent results from ELBEX glazing systems, pipe ramps, and seals. Contact our team today to learn how we can help with your next project.