Why Custom Tooling May Be Your Best Option

ELBEX has created cost-effective, high-quality customized extrusions for decades. This hasn’t happened by accident. Our on-site custom tooling has played a big role in ensuring we get great results. Here’s how our in-house custom tool and die services benefit your extrusion project.

Money Savings

One of the most immediately obvious benefits of on-site tooling is that it will help you save money. Companies that don’t provide in-house tooling rely on third parties for this service. Outsourcing adds to total manufacturing costs and can lengthen lead times by several weeks. Instead, ELBEX engineers are closely involved with the project from the start to help you save time and money. In-house tooling also improves production efficiency to ensure that each product meets quality standards.

3D Modeling and EDM Technology

Our wire EDM and sinker EDM capabilities are further strengthened by our experience using AutoCAD for 3D modeling and design. This ensures we deliver efficient results that meet your project specifications. Keeping everything in-house simplifies the entire process, streamlines communication, and ensures more reliable outcomes.

Thanks to our on-site tooling capabilities, we can help you get better results faster. Better yet, you’ll also save a lot of money in the process! If you’re interested in how we can help with your next rubber extrusion project, contact us today.