What Makes ELBEX Different?

ELBEX was founded in 1974 by Edward L. Bittle, who spent decades in the rubber industry at B.F. Goodrich in Akron, Ohio the rubber capital of the world. 

The vision for ELBEX was different than a company like B.F. Goodrich though. ELBEX was created as a custom rubber seal manufacturer. As the company grew over time, it expanded to include rubber and silicone extrusions.

Eventually, the company added custom rubber profile extrusions and custom rubber extrusion manufacturing. 

Today, the ELBEX Corporation is an ISO certified leader in rubber and silicone extrusions manufac-turing. Our capabilities are vast and allow us to produce a variety of profile designs in both dense and sponge materials. 

Our products serve multiple industries and can be applied in a variety of ways. ELBEX products are included in the water control sector, mass transit, appliance, architectural, construction, and other segments of the economy. 

Throughout the years, we have cultivated strong relationships with our vendors and suppliers. This allows us to meet and exceed customer expectations by passing those benefits onto our clients. 

We have a variety of manufacturing capabilities such as in-house die tooling, on-site silicone mixing, silicone color matching, printing, cutting, slicing, and more. We even have a 100,000 pound capacity cold room to inventory compounds.

This gives us the flexibility to deliver quality products with shorter lead times. With 45 years of experience in the industry, we are aware of the expertise, detail, and planning that goes into each project. Our staff is here to assist you. 

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