Product Feature: Silicone Sheeting

Silicone Sheeting

Besides operating as an industry leader in manufacturing customized rubber extrusions, ELBEX Corporation also designs and manufactures silicone sheeting. 

What is Silicone Sheeting? 

Silicone sheeting differs from common extrusions in that the silicone is formed into a sheet form. This product actually has multiple uses throughout the construction and glazing sectors. 

Commonly silicone sheeting is used as an air and vapor barrier within architectural glazing systems. Due to the nature of expansive glass facades, silicone sheeting is designed to not obstruct views in or outside the glass enclosures, which help bring in more natural light to structures. 

Next Day Shipping

Since sheeting projects require much less customization than our extruded products, silicone sheeting is one of the few products we may have in stock and can can ship the next day to customers.

We have silicone sheeting available in several different colors and lengths, depending on your project requirements, including a translucent color. A detailed pricing sheet is available on our website, along with examples of some of the silicone sheeting we have on hand. 

Contact ELBEX for more information on how silicone sheeting may benefit your next project and which sizes or colors may be available for immediate shipping.