Product Profile: Bumpers

Within the wide catalog of products we can manufacture at the ELBEX Corporation, bumper profiles are just one of many quality extrusions we can customize to fit your needs.

Bumpers are used in applications where there may be a risk of damaging equipment or property. The main purpose of a bumper profile extrusion is to form a cushion and reduce movement, impact and vibration.

ELBEX uses a variety of materials in our rubber extrusions, but a common one for use in bumper profiles is EPDM. And our bumper profiles are ideal for a range of sectors, including automotive, water control, manufacturing, and several others.

And despite the fact that we have several standard bumper profiles ready for manufacture, we are able to develop a customized solution that is perfect for your project needs.

If you feel a bumper profile may be a viable solution for your next project, please reach out to the ELBEX sales team or complete an RFQ form.

Based in Kent, Ohio near the rubber capital of the world, we at ELBEX are excited for the opportunity to work with you on your next project. Our team is dedicated to quality throughout the process and meeting our customers’ needs.