Serving Large Domestic Corporations

Elbex custom rubber extrusions can be used in all sorts of ways. that’s why we are proud to serve a diverse range of industries. Our ability to prototype materials for multiple, specific applications allows clients to create new solutions to problems or engineer methods for making machinery more efficient. Then, with our in-house team we can produce large-scale fabrications of custom rubber tools and silicone sheeting. A process that has worked well for clients in just some of the following sectors: 

  • Construction
  • Household appliance manufacturing 
  • Automotives
  • Heavy machinery 
  • Mass transportation 
  • Water storage
  • Transportation

With piping, sheeting, and extrusion tools, engineers in these industries have created new ways to improve efficiency and solve the unique problems their designs face. Our commitment to bringing as many processes in-house as possible allows us to manage the design of prototypes and their large=scale production, meaning that your tool will be customized to fit your project and its fabrication will be overseen by Elbex teams as much as possible. 

For large domestic corporations seeking new innovations and techniques for producing their rubber or silicone tools, the Elbex team is ready to walk you through our special process. We stand by the quality of every rubber extrusion we make, and we are ready to make every piece fit the needs of even the largest of companies.