Our Ability To Respond

As we discussed in our previous post about the Elbex Way, our team prides itself on taking client needs on from the first stage to the last. We work with your engineers to develop innovative solutions to your problems using our rubber or silicone materials and then make them in house even packaging them for you. By working with you at every step in the process, Elbex can respond better to your needs. 

The Services We offer

Elbex has a lot of  Elbex offers a variety of services such as: 

  • Production of rubber profile extrusions, cords, tubing, and sheeting 
  • Material supply with custom in house batch material mixing and color matching 
  • Engineered rubber complete with an in-house tooling design and production 
  • Value added services like high-speed auto cutting, punching, and printing 
  • Post-production offerings like a complete QC from design to finished product 

By managing all of these offerings ourselves, bringing as much in-house as possible, and working to completely customize our solutions to customers’ specific applications, we can offer faster and better service. 

Not Relying on Exterior Partners 

Often with industrial materials and supplies, reliance on exterior services and subcontractors can result in delays, difficulties, and errors. For that reason, Elbex brings as much as possible in-house. Because of these we can offer more complete services that match your original vision. From the time you speak with one of team members about your project to the moment we put labels on the finished custom rubber tools, you can be sure that the team handling it has been consistent.  

If you have been looking for faster, more reliable service to get the right rubber or silicone tools fabricated for your equipment, you can trust Elbex to respond to your needs.