What Are Rubber Extrusions?

Custom rubber extrusions from Elbex meet a wide variety of demands in industries like automotive, mass-transit, construction, water control, appliances, and more. Our extrusions help the engineers and designers working in these fields to bring together complex designs, improve tools, and accomplish their goals. With a variety of applications, uses, and materials that we make in house, our extrusions can help your engineers better meet the demands of your industry. 

Extrusion Applications

Extruded products stand out from molded rubber products because they are made under the pressure of a precise extrusion tool and design die. The resulting products allow for custom designs like: 

  • Architectural facades
  • Gap fillers for automotives, major appliances, and large scale machinery
  • Sheeting used to create barrier
  • Hollow tubing for water transport or storage

These are only some of the many applications that clients have found for our rubber extrusions, and with a high level of customization, it’s possible that you someone might bring us a new application, pushing the utility of our products even father. 

Materials to Match 

The two primary materials we use to create these diverse products are rubber and silicone. Silicone is most often employed in the creation of sheeting for barriers, but we always match the material with the project to ensure the best solutions possible. Whatever the material is, we ensure that the difficult geometry, quality assurance, and customer satisfaction is all handled in-house to make sure that not only will the material match the application, but it is processed with the care and attention necessary to match our high standards. 

If your engineers have been searching for new, durable, and custom solutions to a design issue, our extruded rubber products could be the piece that you were missing. With the help of our expert engineers we can find a solution to multiple issues and create the tool that you require.