What is the Purpose of Setting Blocks?

The ELBEX Corporation offers several rubber and silicone extrusion options, depending on your requirements. But did you know we can design and manufacture setting blocks?

A setting block profile is used to position and seat separate materials.

Commonly they are used to assist in dampening vibrations and to minimize uneven surfaces. They can also be used in glazing applications in order to set glass within an aluminum channel. 

Setting block profiles can be designed in a multitude of forms too.

They range from simple rectangular designs to complicated ones. Often times a setting block profile is designed to track into a channel or can take on unique shapes in order to properly function. 

Since setting blocks often need to track into a channel, ELBEX has the expertise and capa-bilities to create any design for your needs and applications. We take pride in our ability to deliver custom extruded products to our customers, and setting blocks are no different. 

The ELBEX Corporation is an industry leading rubber extrusions manufacturer.

We can design and manufacture any type of setting block profile to suit your project requirements in a range of materials. Contact us today to see how a setting block extrusion profile can help you!