Custom Rubber Extrusion Design and Manufacturing

Custom rubber extrusions are not easy to apply and execute. Each process involves immense detailing and care. At ELBEX, we serve the highest levels of both. We employ a variety of extrusion profile creation materials along with superior expertise to bring to you the best in custom rubber extrusions.

Design and Manufacturing

Designing and manufacturing are two different aspects of custom rubber extrusions and we hear from our customers on both occasions. This is precisely how we cross over unique problems in rubber extrusion design and extrusion. 

We have separate design and manufacturing teams at ELBEX. The design team is exclusively tasked with speaking to customers on custom rubber extrusions and finalizing the customization process with them. The manufacturing unit swings into action only after the design part has been agreed upon by the customer.

We value our buyers

The value we attach to our customers is reflected in the quality of extrusions we go for. We take each of your concerns into consideration, process them through our think tank, assess the feasibility of it and then make the necessary adjustments in application. 

Each finished design is first conceptualized. The concept is then passed on to the customer for approval. And yes, we are as happy to make changes as you are to see them.

Custom tooling

Custom tooling is key to meeting the needs of custom extrusions. For better consistency, the custom tool and die designing is done internally at ELBEX. To cut down on lead times, we allow engineers to adopt a hands on approach toward the process. 

Quick turnarounds for large orders

Outsourcing the die designing or the custom tooling could elongate the custom extrusion by weeks. We do these internally and this saves us a lot of time. Resultantly, we are amazingly quick with deliveries, even for large orders; particularly for large orders. Count on us to deliver just when you need the extrusions.

Value added post production process

ELBEX is different from other companies in that we do not turn our back on customers post production. A set of value added post production processes takes care of that. If you have a query on how we follow up after production, fill out a short form on our contact page and we will come back with the resolution.