Value Added Services

It can be hard for engineers and procurement specialists to find a qualified supplier simply because the number of variables that each outside company provides. Quality of product, for example, is an extremely important factor in choosing a supplier but at costs that are within budget. Turnaround time is another variable that could make or break a project from an engineers perspective. 

At ELBEX we believe a perfect mesh of quality, cost, and minimized lead times on our rubber extrusion profiles and other extruded rubber products is the perfect formula for our customer's success. On top of those important crucibles however is something we offer called value added services. 

Going the Extra Mile 

In short, value added services are the “little” things we do to create custom solutions for our customers. From the design phase through the production, post-production, packaging and follow-up these value added services vary depending on our customer's specific needs. 

Value added services are intended to make our customers goals easier accomplished. For example our rubber extrusions are cut to length to avoid one extra step on the buyer's end. Another example of customer customization is offering a wide variety of adhesives for use on your specific application. We also package your silicone sheeting or custom rubber products to your specification whether you need particular groupings or prefer larger/smaller quantities. We can label the rubber extrusion profiles during manufacturing or tag your rubber products if so needed. 

The Buyer / Supplier Partnership 

At ELBEX we like to say that our value added services are not a way that we work for you, but a method of working with you. No job is too large as we specialize in higher quantities as well . We can even alter our mixing methods to be suitable for your specific extrusion material needs. Design assistance and custom tooling capabilities are ways that we further create the ideal solution for your needs. 

Your projects can be stifled by finding suppliers whose turnaround times are too excessive, or whose prices aren't consistent with competitors, or worst of all whose products are of inferior quality. At ELBEX we not not only calm those three major worries, we go beyond in adding customization and convenience with our value added services. The best thing about these additional designing, manufacturing, and logistics upgrades is that they are all done to add value to your specific project. To learn more about how our capabilities can be catered to your needs please contact us today.