Featured Industry: Automotive

Since 1991, ELBEX Corporation has used its expertise gained from the heart of the rubber industry to specialize in custom rubber profile extrusions and rubber extrusion manufacturing.

Our products serve a variety of applications stretched across numerous markets, including the automotive market.

An assortment of our extrusions, gaskets, seals, and other profiles appear throughout the automotive industry to serve a range of purposes.

Our seals and gaskets, for example, are commonly used due to their applications. Seals and gaskets are used for water resistance, as an air barrier, eliminate vibrations, and other uses.

Bumper profiles can also be used to eliminate vibrations since their main function is to serve as a cushion.

We also produce a multitude of D-Section and tubing profiles for the automotive industry. D-Section profiles are most commonly used in order to create a weather seal in doors or windows. Tubing profiles are hollow tubes (manufactured in a wide range of sizes and thickness) commonly used as protective sleeves, gaskets, or in draining capacities.

Each of the profiles we manufacture for the automotive industry can be customized to suit your individual product needs. In order to most efficiently determine your needs, please complete an online RFQ.