Three Reasons Why Expansion Joints Are Important

There are multiple reasons to choose ELBEX Corporation for your custom extruded products. But are you aware that we can produce customized expansion joints, as one of our many rubber and silicone extrusions, for your next project?

What are expansion joints and what are three reasons to use them?

Expansion joints are used as a transition between two surfaces and they help to absorb movement. Since they are a rubber extrusion, they are made of rubber and silicone in order to fill a gap or complete a seal. But expansion joints also take on interesting shapes since they are  required to absorb movement.

Another reason expansion joints are important is because they can be used when there is a concern of structural damage due to the expansion or contraction of those surfaces. For instance, when there is movement between the two surfaces an expansion joint is between the joint can adequately maintain its seal and position.

And finally, expansion joints are important because they are custom designed and extruded based specifically on their application and purpose. You can feel secure that an expansion joint is designed for only your application when you select ELBEX for your project.

We take pride at the ELBEX Corporation in our ability to design and manufacture customized rubber extrusion solutions to fill your specific project requirements.

For more information on our capabilities when it comes to expansion joints, click here for a full list. Also in order to best accommodate your needs, complete an online RFQ.