The Various Uses of Tubing

At the ELBEX Corporation, we pride ourselves on our capabilities designing customized, quality rubber extrusions for whatever your project specifications may be.

One of the many types of extrusions we have experience with are various types of hollow tubing.

Tubing style extrusions are exactly what you think they are — circular shaped tubes. But they actually can serve a variety of purposes in a multitude of industries. But whereas other types of extrusions are meant at creating a seal, hollow tubing is meant generally to protect another material or control its route, like when used in a drainage application.

Hollow tubes are commonly used as protective sleeves, as gaskets, or in drainage capacities. The specific application you have will dictate the type of material used, the range of size, and the wall thickness of the tubing.

For instance, tubing used for water control or drainage will require different materials compared to hollow tubing used in electrical or automotive applications. Certain types of hollow tubing doesn’t even need to be designed in a standard circular shape, as we have designed tubing to take on an oval shape, for example.

We pride ourselves on our ability to customize a solution for whatever your project requires. Based on our extensive capabilities and experience, nearly any design can be met.

For more information on previous types of hollow tubing extrusions we have designed at ELBEX click here. And we recommend completing an online RFQ to best determine the material, size, and thickness of tubing required for your next project.