Featured Industry: Construction

When it comes to applications for rubber or silicone extrusions, the ELBEX Corporation has prided itself on the work we do for the construction industry.

There is no shortage of projects we design, customize, and manufacture for the construction field. And construction managers and companies alike have come to rely on us due to our years of experience manufacturing quality rubber extrusions.

Specifically for the construction industry, we develop expansion joints, rubber gaskets, pipe ramps, silicone sheeting, D-section profiles, setting block profiles, U-channels, and more for use in the field.

Expansion joints, for instance, are used as a transition between two surfaces and help to absorb movement. They are also often used when there is a concern for structural damage due to the expansion or contraction of those surfaces.

Our D-section profiles are used to fill voids and gaps, plus create a seal between two different surfaces. Setting block profiles are used mainly to position and seat separate materials, while dampening vibrations and help to minimize uneven surfaces.

Pipe ramps are used to protect exposed pipes from damage during construction. And our silicone sheeting is used as an air and vapor barrier within architectural glazing systems.

Those are just a few of the silicone and rubber extrusions we design and customize for the construction industry, which values our capabilities to design to a project’s specifications.

For more information on our capabilities, click here. And we recommend you complete an online RFQ so we can best determine your project specifications and develop a solution just for you!