Featured Industry: Industrial and Manufacturing

The ELBEX Corporation has more than 25 years in the business of designing and manufacturing custom rubber extrusions for clients around the globe.

Our extrusions have served companies in numerous fields, including the automotive sector, appliance makers, water control projects, mass transit, and several others.

But a top sector for us at ELBEX is serving the industrial and manufacturing sectors for their ongoing projects to move the economy along.

For those fields, we produce an assortment of extrusion profiles to meet the needs of our industrial and manufacturing clients.

Starting with our expansion joints, we can develop a customized joint which has the purpose of absorbing movement between two surfaces. Expansion joints are often used when there is a concern of structural damage when those two surfaces expand or contract.

Our glazing system profiles are also popular in both sectors. Glazing system profiles are used to seat and seal architectural facades and fenestration systems. They are commonly used for filling voids between two surfaces, as environmental barriers, and ensuring a proper fit.

And pipe ramps are another common profile used in the industrial and manufacturing sectors. Pipe ramps are used to help prevent damage at a worksite and to prevent leakage in new systems.

All of these extrusions — plus many others in our catalog of extrusion profiles — can be customized based on your specific project needs, especially when determining the proper materials needed. 

If you are in the industrial or manufacturing sector, we can help solve problems on your next project. Contact us today and complete an online RFQ to get started!