Learn More About Bulb Seals, Bumpers, & D-Sections

Since the start of ELBEX Corporation, we have worked tirelessly to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations and manufacture quality rubber extrusions. 

We have a wide variety of profiles we can manufacture at ELBEX, including our bulb seals, bumpers, and D-Section profiles. 

Bulb seals are designed to track into a channel, fill a void, or create a seal. Bulb seals can take on the shape of the void or channel they seek to fill. To that end, we have several standard bulb seal extru-sions available, but we can also develop a bulb seal that fits your needs. Several different materials can be used depending on the specific application or environment.

Bumpers are another profile we can develop at ELBEX.

Bumper extrusions are used to form a cushion in order to reduce movement, impact, or vibrations. Typically they are required and employed in ap-plications where there may be a risk of damage to equipment or property. Due to its abrasion re-sistance, EPDM is a common material choice for bumper profiles. 

Finally, D-Section profiles are seen across multiple industries and applications.

Similar to bulb seals, D-Sections are used to fill a void or gap, or they can be used to create a seal between two different sur-faces. D-Section profiles are named for their shape (in the form of the letter “D”) and often have a pressure-sensitive adhesive applied to the flat (or bottom) end of the extrusion. This helps them stay stationary. Typically, D-Sections are used as weather seals in doors and windows. 

Contact us today in order to see whether a bulb seal, bumper, or D-Section profile can benefit your project.