Water Control Markets

The ELBEX Corporation has created quality rubber extrusions in order to create solutions in a wide range of markets. But you may not have known that ELBEX extrusions have helped solve problems in the water control industry. 

When it comes to water control, we actually have several products which can assist customers in their goals.

ELBEX has a range of gaskets, seal profiles, silicone sheeting, or tubing profiles to help our clients who are concerned with water control. 

Gaskets and seals, for instance, are used to fill a gap or void and create a barrier. Common uses of gas-kets and seals include creating an air barrier, eliminating vibrations, or to create a water-tight seal. 

Silicone sheeting is most commonly used in architectural glazing procedures. But silicone sheeting is required in glazing in order to serve as a water and air barrier. 

Lastly, tubing profiles are exactly how they sound — they come in several different tubing shapes. Tubing profiles can serve as protective sleeves. But they are also commonly used as a drainage solu-tion. 

Our experience in the rubber extrusions industry allows us to manufacture gaskets, seals, tubing profiles, and even silicone sheeting to meet your project requirements.

We can manufacture numerous standard extrusions or sheeting for you. 

Contact us today with your project requirements and we can help solve your water control issues or develop a custom solution for you.