Creating Custom Products to Meet Your Needs

The ELBEX Corporation is an ISO Certified leader in silicone and rubber extrusions manufacturing. We specialize in the ability to produce a wide variety of profile designs utilizing several materials. 

But did you know that we also specialize in custom extruded products specifically for you?

ELBEX offers a range of customized, quality rubber extrusions using a variety of engineered silicone and rubber compounds. This has been a key facet of our business since our founding. We are able to handle difficult geometry and material requirements in order to create a product just for you. 

Our experience across multiple markets has helped us to meet a range of project requirements.

Plus, our in-house tool and die design services and fabrication allows us the ability to ensure maintenance of critical tolerances and dimensions. We also have a strong SPC and Quality Extrusions Assurance system in place in order to guarantee performance and customer satisfaction. 

Our goal is to support customer success with a proactive attitude in order to fully understand what our customers need for their market.

We strive for continuous improvement, to be reliable, and to provide outcomes for customers in a cost-efficient manner. 

We look forward to the next challenge where our custom extruded profiles can help you. Contact us today and send us your custom profile requirements.