Learn More About Expansion Joints

Engineering team leaders

These extrusion profiles have many uses across multiple industries. 

Expansion Joints

Expansion joints are commonly used as a transition between two surfaces. These profile types are one of many which can be used as a transition. But expansion joints are also able to absorb movement and are often used any time there is a concern of structural damage due to the expansion or contraction of those surfaces. 

Uses Across Multiple Industries

Due to their uses, expansion joints are most commonly used in the industrial/manufacturing sector along with the construction field. Since they are meant to absorb movement and allow for two surfaces to expand and contract, they are not capable of filling voids or creating a barrier. 

Custom Design

Expansion joints take on a variety of shapes and sizes. Typically, they are custom designed due to the specific application and purpose in a given project. 

If your latest project requires an expansion joint extrusion profile, contact us today in order to get started. Our engineering team can assist in designing your expansion joint extrusions. 

Visit our Products page to see a few of the varying expansion joints we have created in the past.