Learn More About Ribbed Profiles & Setting Blocks

Ribbed profiles and setting blocks are two of the many rubber extrusion profiles manufactured at ELBEX. Both of these profiles serve a variety of purposes in several markets. 

Ribbed Profiles

Ribbed Profiles are a type of extrusion aimed at filling a gap or void between two surfaces. Once the void is filled, these profiles then compress like a seal to secure the opening. While we can create customized ribbed profiles, they typically have one flat side in order to securely attach to a material. The other side features the ribbed design. 

Setting Blocks

Setting blocks are primarily used to position and seat separate materials. Setting blocks assist in dampening vibration and minimize the distinction between uneven surfaces. These profiles can range from simple rectangular designs to extremely complicated profiles. Typically setting blocks are designed to track into a channel. They are commonly used to set glass within an aluminum channel. 

Both profiles are used across several industries. Ribbed profiles are perfect for creating an air or water-tight seal, a feature that is required in many appliances. Setting blocks commonly used in glazing applications in architectural or construction environments. 

Our team at ELBEX can help you understand which rubber extrusion is right for your project requirements. We also excel at creating custom rubber extrusions. 

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