Market Served: Automotive

Automotive markets

ELBEX has designed and manufactured quality rubber extrusions for a variety of markets. Each market utilizes our products uniquely and requires different profiles. A major market we serve is the automotive sector. 

Automotive Needs 

Profiles for automotive clients are needed to reduce vibrations and create tight seals that offer water resistance. 

For example, our rubber gaskets and seal profiles are designed with those requirements in mind. These profiles can also provide an air barrier, secure components, and offer tight seals. 

Each profile can be designed using a different material, based on the application, environmental, and chemical exposure which is a major concern in the automotive industry. 

Other Profiles

Besides rubber gaskets, automotive customers often require bumper profiles, bulb seals, D-Section profiles, and tubing profiles. 

Bumper profiles are designed for applications where there is a risk of damaging property or equipment. These profiles mainly form a cushion to reduce impact, movement, and vibrations. With bumper profiles, EPDM is a common material of choice due to its abrasion resistance. 

Bulb seals are used to fit into a channel in order to fill a gap, void, or create a seal. D-Section profiles are used for similar purposes and are commonly used as weather seals in windows and doors. 

Each profile can be designed to unique project characteristics and customized for your exact needs. Contact us today if you are in the automotive industry to see how we can help.