Reasons Why Quality Products Are Important

Quality products quite simply matter in whatever field you are in.


At ELBEX Corporation, quality matters to us as much as it matters to you. Not only is quality a core value of our’s so is continuous improvement. We wish to understand your specific needs and be proactive in finding solutions that do just that.


With more than 20 years in the rubber extrusion industry, we understand the high level of detail required and planning that is needed for every product.


As a leader in silicone and rubber extrusions manufacturing, we understand the applications our products have. Whether in the automotive, construction, mass transit, or water control sectors, our products simply can’t afford to not work when our customers need them to.


We have strong SPC and Quality Extrusion Assurance programs in place to ensure our products work and meet your needs. The ELBEX Corporation is also an ISO certified manufacturer and accredited through the Better Business Bureau.


To get a full understanding of our capabilities, we encourage you to check out the Capabilities tab on our website, complete with a pdf version of our expertise.


So contact us today and challenge us to meet your project requirements.