Products That Will Meet Your Needs!

The ELBEX Corporation, a diverse and progressive silicone and rubber extrusions manufacturer. We are dedicated to innovation and quality.


We offer a wide variety of standard and custom rubber extrusions and other extruded products. And our wide selection will meet any of your needs.


ELBEX offers a variety of custom products engineered in rubber and silicone compounds, or we have numerous standard profiles.


The heart of our custom capabilities is our ability to handle difficult geometry and material requirements, due to our experience with multi-market applications and an in-house tool and die design services and fabrication. We also use profile engineering, which is designed to ensure maintenance of critical tolerances and dimensions with the goal of meeting all application fitness parameters.


We also have strong SPC and Quality Extrusion Assurances systems in place in order to ensure customer satisfaction and performance.


For a full listing of our products, visit our Products and Capabilities section of our website. And if you still have questions or concerns, we encourage you to contact us for our expert advice. We will gladly help you to provide a solution for your needs.


Our goal is to support the success of our customers in a variety of markets with a proactive mentality and understanding of your needs.


So challenge us today.