On-Site Tooling Capabilities for You

At Elbex, one key factor that sets our rubber extrusion manufacturing apart is our on-site tooling. By completing all tooling on-site, we can deliver better outcomes for your project, no matter what type of rubber extrusion you need for your application. Here’s a closer look at how our on-site tooling capabilities can make a difference.

Faster Turnaround

On-site tooling allows for both custom and standard rubber extrusions to be produced much quicker than if the work was outsourced. At Elbex, our internal processing for on-site tooling is often complete in less than a day. In contrast, outsourcing the tooling process could result in a delay of several weeks. In-house work allows us to deliver shorter lead times so you can get the parts you need in a timely fashion.

Reduced Costs

On-site tooling can also lead to significant cost savings. First, there is the fact that shorter lead times facilitate cost savings by allowing you to complete your projects that much quicker. This can lead to faster manufacturing that allows you to take on more work. In addition, by performing tooling in-house, Elbex can ensure that all items meet our certification standards. There are no delays or extra costs incurred from needing to send items from an outsourced provider “back to the drawing board.” This helps keep manufacturing costs lower, while also making work more efficient.

Whether you need rubber extrusions on a tight deadline or are looking for ways to lower your project expenses, working with a company that provides on-site tooling can make a significant difference. At Elbex, we’re proud to pair industry expertise with on-site tooling so that you can get reliable, high-quality results with excellent customer service every step of the way.