The Uses of Silicone Sheeting

ELBEX does more than merely rubber extrusions. We also design and manufacture silicone products, including silicone sheeting for the architectural sector. 

Silicone sheeting has a variety of uses.

Commonly, silicone sheeting is used to create an air or vapor barrier when used in architectural glazing systems. As the silicone sheeting interacts with glass fa-cades and similar structures, our silicone is translucent and compatible with Dow and GE sealants. 

When it comes to our standard silicone sheeting, most items are even available for shipping the next day!

At ELBEX, our standard silicone sheets come in a variety of widths and our products are tested for multiple parameters including heat, tearing, compression, water and vapor resistance, and much more. 

Our silicone sheeting products contain cured silicone rubber and do not pose any health hazards when handling or after installation. 

But what sets us apart from the competition is our ability to custom design silicone sheeting prod-ucts that are made just for you!

Our expertise can help design nearly any manufactured silicone sheet-ing for your project specifications! We can even do silicone color matching to fit your requirements. 

Contact our team today to see how we can help deliver the right silicone sheeting product for you, or complete an online RFQ to get started.