Benefits of Custom Tooling

For decades the ELBEX Corporation has focused on creating customized extrusions for our clients. One way we are able to provide cost-effective, quality rubber extrusions is through our capabilities to provide on-site custom tooling. 

Our custom tool and die design services provide customers several benefits when they work with us for their extrusions. 

We can save money for our customers by providing on-site tooling. This is reflected in the reduced project costs and shorter lead times. Several companies that do not provide custom tooling in-house instead rely on third parties for this service, which in turn adds to the overall costs.

Product lead times are also lengthened by several weeks while waiting for third-party tooling services.

Instead, ELBEX engineers get involved with projects from the start. ELBEX can also improve the efficiency of the overall production of extrusions with our ability to pro-vide tooling in-house. This can also improve delivery and aid in meeting certain quality certification standards. 

Our wire EDM and sinker EDM capabilities are supported by our experience and 2-D modeling and design using AutoCAD as a platform. 

When you select ELBEX to design and manufacture rubber extrusions for you, the process will be simplified from the beginning. With our capabilities to provide services like custom tooling on-site we can save you money and time. 

Contact us today to start designing quality rubber extrusions for your next project.