Feature: Glazing Systems, Pipe Ramps, & Seals

The ELBEX Corporation is an industry leader in manufacturing rubber and silicone extrusions. Our products serve a variety of customers across markets. But we specialize in making customized extrusions to meet the requirements of our clients. 

A few of the extrusion configurations we offer include glazing systems, pipe ramps, and seals.

Each configuration takes on various shapes and provides different qualities for projects. Glazing systems are commonly used to seat and seal architectural facades and fenestration systems. These types of extrusions ensure an environmental barrier is created, voids between two surfaces are filled, and that there is a proper fit. Glazing systems range in size and shape from simple rectangular setting blocks to complicated, multi-purpose gaskets. 

Pipe ramps and seals are used primarily when working with pipes in the construction or water control industries.

Pipe ramps are typically used to protect exposed pipes from damage during construction. Pipe seals are used to prevent leakage in existing or new pipe systems. Our pipe ramps and seals can be made from several different materials, depending on the use of the extrusion. We can manufacture ramps and seals using precast concrete, PVC, steel, and many other materials. 

In all types of extrusion configurations, we can design profiles that fit your project specifications. 

Illustrations of just a few of the types of glazing systems, pipe ramps, and seals we have manufactured are available on our website. 

If you are searching for the right glazing system, pipe ramp, or seal, contact ELBEX today. Our engi-neering team can design the right profile for you.