Learn More About the History of ELBEX

ELBEX was incorporated in 1991 to design and manufacture custom rubber profiles and rubber ex-trusions. Over that time, we have cultivated a reputation as an industry leading extrusion manufacturer. 

We were created by Edward L. Bittle, who spent his career working in Akron, Ohio during the 1940s and 1950s. Akron is the “rubber capital” and Bittle used his experience from working at B.F. Goodrich to start Seal Master in 1974, which is a sister company of ELBEX today. 

Seal Master was started as a custom seal manufacturer.

Initially, Bittle brought in rubber and silicone extrusion operations in order to fully integrate and expedite the manufacturing process. But eventu-ally he saw the opportunity to jump into the custom rubber profile and extrusion industry when he started ELBEX.

Today, ELBEX is an ISO certified leader in manufacturing rubber extrusions.

Our experience, coupled with the partnerships we have developed with vendors and suppliers has helped us exceed customer expectations. Our products have been used in several industries from automotive to water control, mass transit, architectural, construction, and many more. 

We can customize any profile design for your project, provide in-house tooling, and manufacture it for you. 

Contact ELBEX today, or complete an online RFQ to get started developing a solution for your extru-sion needs.