Industries We Serve: Automotive

Elbex - Natural Rubber Products

Rubber gaskets and seals play a vital role in the automotive industry, so it should be no surprise that we do a lot of work in this area. Here is a closer look at how our bumpers, bulb seals, and other custom products make a difference in the automotive world.

The Assembly Line

Many of our products are actually used for the machines that make the vehicles. For example, rubber seals can be used to create barriers that propel the motions of the machines and robots involved in the manufacturing process. Many of our rubber products help reduce vibration and noise to improve the efficiency and longevity of the machines.

The Vehicle

Rubber seals can be found in many parts of the vehicle — around the door, windows, and many other areas. While we don’t make seals for engines, we produce a wide variety of seals that can be used in other parts of the car to keep out moisture/rain or air. This protects passengers and sensitive auto components alike.

Innovations From the Industry

The automotive industry is always innovating and inventing to improve performance, efficiency, and looks. At ELBEX, we work closely with automotive engineers to ensure that our products will meet the needs of the latest vehicles. An innovative mindset permeates all we do to ensure continuing quality.

The automotive industry’s constant changes make it an exciting area to work with. We bring this same mindset to the products we make, whether it be for vehicles or manufacturing equipment. We know that our custom rubber extrusions will ensure better outcomes for your application. Contact us today to get started with your next project.