We Create Bulb Seals, Bumpers, & D-Sections

Elbex - Custom Rubber Extrusions

At ELBEX, we work tirelessly to exceed customer expectations and manufacture high-quality rubber extrusions. A big part of our ability to meet these goals comes from the wide variety of profiles we can manufacture — including bulb seals, bumpers, and D-Section profiles.

Bulb Seals

Bulb seals create a seal by taking on the shape of the channel or void they need to fill. To that end, we offer several standard bulb seal extrusions, while also using our in-house team to develop custom bulb seals when necessary. We use different materials based on the needs of the application or environment to ensure reliable performance.


Bumper extrusions form a cushion that reduces movement and vibrations, especially from impacts. These extrusions are helpful in applications where the movement of the equipment has the potential to damage other property or the equipment itself. We typically use EPDM for bumper profiles because of its high abrasion resistance.

D-Section Profiles

D-Section profiles are similar to bulb seals in that they are often used to fill voids or create a seal between two different surfaces. Their name comes from their distinctive shape, which looks like the letter “D.” They typically use a pressure-sensitive adhesive that is applied to the flat end to remain stationary. Though used in a wide range of industries and applications, they are most often used to create a weather seal around windows and doors.

No matter what type of extrusion you need for your application, you can trust our team to perfectly meet your project requirements. Contact us today to learn more about how we can turn your application into a reality.