Learn More About Bulb Seals

ELBEX Corporation, an ISO 9001:2015 accredited rubber extrusions manufacturer, produces many different types of extrusions used across a wide range of industries. Just one of those extrusion types is the bulb seal. Bulb seals get their name due to the shape they often take mimicking a light bulb. But as other types of extrusions do, bulb seals also have the ability to create a seal in a slightly different fashion.

Bulb seals are designed to create a seal by tracking into a channel and to fill a gap or void. Bulb seals are commonly installed between doors and door frames, particularly for doors on automobiles and buildings. These type of seals can also be used in other automotive and construction applications as an alternative to mechanical fastening. And bulb seals can help create a watertight seal.

The material used in a bulb seal depends and varies based on the surrounding conditions and intended use, including custom rubber extrusion profiles. Please contact our team to learn more about our bulb seals and rubber extrusions or complete an RFQ form to assist us in developing a customized solution for your industry. And due to our customized work, please contact our sales team for inquiries on specific products.