We Can Customize Any Product to Fit Your Needs!

ELBEX Corporation is an ISO Certified leader in custom rubber extrusions and silicone extrusions. We have a range of capabilities aimed at manufacturing countless profile designs from numerous materials commonly used in rubber extrusions, such as silicone, EPDM, Neoprene, Butyl and more. Today, we serve a broad range of industries including automotive, mass transit, construction, water control, appliance gaskets, and more. But what sets us apart from other companies is our proven ability to create strong working relationships with our vendors and suppliers in order to minimize reduce cost for you, the customer.

The ELBEX team is able to reduce lead times and provide value-added services due to our capabilities like in-house die tooling, on-site silicone mixing, and silicone color matching. We can offer a wide selection of custom extrusion products through our abilities managing difficult geometry and material requirements, as well manufacture standard extrusions, due to our 100,000 pound capacity cold room of stored compounds. And we have a strong SPC and quality extrusion assurance systems in place to ensure performance and customer satisfaction.

We have more than 20 years in the rubber extrusion industry. So at ELBEX we understand the detail and planning that goes into every project. Contact our team and return an RFQ to begin the process of engineering a solution for your specific needs.