The Different Types and Shapes of Rubber Extrusions Available

The Different Types and Shapes of Rubber Extrusions Available

At Elbex, our team is proud of our capabilities to produce a wide range of rubber extrusions for applications in many different industries. With so many different types and shapes of rubber extrusions available, we seek to become a true go-to resource for all of your needs. Here is a brief overview of what we can manufacture.

Available Rubber Extrusions

Elbex manufactures rubber extrusions that can be used in many industries and applications. Many of these products, such as bulb seals, D-sections, gaskets/seals, and ribbed profiles are designed to fill voids and gaps in a variety of usage applications.

Other extrusions include bumpers, which reduce movement and vibration; expansion joints, which absorb movement between different surfaces; glazing systems for seating and sealing fenestration systems, pipe ramps for protecting exposed pipes, and setting blocks to seat and position separate materials. Our manufacturing capabilities also include silicone sheeting, tubing, and U-channels.

The Value of the Rubber Extrusion Process

The rubber extrusion process is well suited for high-volume production runs. This is because of how the extrusion process differs from standard molding. To produce our extrusions, uncured rubber is forced through a die to achieve the desired shape. After the rubber has been extruded, it is immediately placed in a continuous salt bath cure line. This allows for higher volumes and shorter turnaround times for all types and shapes of extrusions.

If you’d like to learn more about our manufacturing capabilities, contact us today or fill out an online requisition form. Our team is happy to assist with your project and produce extrusions that meet your specific requirements.